ART CARPET: a world wide, temporary, outdoor art event

Join artists and educators in creating a carpet of connection! The Art Carpet occurs the 2nd Wednesday of every October.

How to Participate

We invite you to be a part of our second annual participatory art project on Wednesday, October 11th, with a rain date of October 12th, and a super alternative rain date of October 13th.

Please send us images of your art carpet by Sunday, October 15th.  Include your location and we will add you to our virtual map of connection.

Post your pics to social media #artcarpet2017

Getting started:  


Utilize the powerpoint, videos and lesson plans on the teaching resources page of this blog as a resource.

Think about how you want your students to work- we will have our students working in teams of 3-5 to plan and execute designs.


Include the SYMBOL of CONNECTION in your design!

Design created in sidewalk chalk by Open High School students in Richmond, VA.
Design created in sidewalk chalk by Open High School students in Richmond, VA.
Students at George Mason Elementary used sidewalk chalk to create their art carpet in Richmond, VA.



This was created by Albert Hill Middle School using mulch and dyed sawdust.
This was created using mulch and dyed sawdust.  Photo submitted by Albert Hill Middle School students in Richmond, VA.





Items to include on your excursion:

Supply totes may be prepped for students and chaperones.

Totes may contain: Chalk, old, stiff paint brushes for blending, a few geometric tracers…a paper plate circle, a pre-planned student design, list of positive words, that can be included in the final design.

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