ART CARPET: a world wide, temporary, outdoor art event

Join artists and educators in creating a carpet of connection! The Art Carpet occurs the 2nd Wednesday of every October.

Background Information

We in Richmond, Virginia invite you, all over the world, to join us in creating a temporary art carpet of connection on October 11th. Our purpose is to demonstrate the way that art can function as a language that connects us across borders and through classrooms, homes, and business doors.

There are many resources in Spanish and English on this blog to show you the ways we and others have made temporary art carpets.


Check the resources on this site and join our mission to visually and artistically connect schools, families and cultures all over the world! Last Year 11 schools in Richmond participated, we had participants in San Antonio, Houston, Michigan and Mongolia.

Our circle of hands serve as the “joints” between chalk drawings. We are imagine that our work will be roughly a foot wide (although this is up to you), and that it focus on length and connections between our schools and our central point. Our goal is to cover as much of the globe as we can in one day with our artistic connections. It is important to use temporary materials such as chalk, sawdust, leaves and flowers to create an ephemeral world wide artistic installation.

Please check out our photos from previous years in the body of this blog. Happy Art Carpeting 2017!!!!


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