We in Richmond, Virginia invite you, all over the world, to join us in creating a temporary art carpet of connection on October 14th.  Our purpose is to demonstrate the way that art can function as a language that connects us across borders and through classroom, home, and business doors.

2013-06-02 11.10.31

There are many resources on this blog to show you the ways others have made temporary  art carpets.  

 resources      participation      where our idea came from

Check the resources on this site and join our mission to visually and artistically connect schools, families and cultures all over the world!


This is kind of the way we envision the sidewalks…

art carpet example

…with our circle of hands serving as the “joints” between chalk drawings. We are imagining that our work will be roughly a foot wide, focusing on length and connections between our schools and our central point. Our goal is to cover just about .5 miles with our students!